Larry Stylinson Fan Fics

Surprise Visit was my first fanfic for the person who asked:) 

So I started writing like, last week. I am glad everyone liked them.

I am updating tomorrow.


i try and tell myself larry is not real but then i see things like this and im boomroasted

 Anonymous asked: "what video is the gif you have as your blog title from? xx"

It’s from a video diary:) -Belle x

 itshannahbytheway asked: "Heey, i read you fanfics. I loved wicked! It made me laugh, i definatly like how your mind works haha. When did you start writing?"

Thankyou very much -Belle x

 larrystylinsongayness-deactivat asked: "ahh I loved the Wicked fan ficccc :D"

Thankyou, I have been getting good feedback for it, I guess you guys like it a bit dirty haha thank you Belle x



Creepy Smile


Larry Stylinson- R rated- Medium Mature Themes

Harry and Louis love to test the limits so when they find out just how much it annoys the boys when they get intimate they may try as hard as they can to make them uncomfortable for their own entertainment.

Read Here

Surprise Visit 

Title- Surprise Visit

Pairing- Larry Stylinson

Rated- PG 13+ (Little bit of mature themes)

One Shot.

Harry’s mum finds a tape in Harry’s room and is horrified to see what it contains.

Surprise Visit- Read Here



Well aren’t I creative


i can’t even breath right now